Simplifying Your Morning Routine While Still Looking Your Best

Simplifying Your Morning Routine While Still Looking Your Best

Some of us have a few go-to shirts and a small collection of ties. We mix and match to come up with the perfect combination for whatever we're doing (workday, meeting, night out, wedding, etc.)

Some of us have dozens of suits and a plethora of ties and we grab from column A and column B before we go attack the monster that is Monday.

Whether you're more from the first example, the second, a combination of both or neither, the common factor is that we all need to pick out our ensemble for the day.

Women have turned "getting ready" into a marathon of hairspray and mascara and we jokingly sit on the couch drinking beer until they're "finally ready" for whatever we're waiting to go to.

But what's the man's routine? It shouldn't be as simple as some random grabbing. We should dress with purpose. Catch phrases like "dress to impress" or "dress for the job you want, not the one you have" didn't come to be by happenstance.

It's not presumptuous to dress well, it's professional. As such, it should require a little forethought, if not foresight. 

For myself, I've got a "control" and a "variable." My suits are all hung in a row, as one would expect. I have to, however, follow that order. This isn't quite as OCD as it sounds...this actually injects some order and simplicity into my morning routine. If I already know that I'm wearing THAT suit and there's really no debate/thought, then all I have to do is pick out what goes with it. Certain ties will go with certain suits, so my choices are far simplified. 

This may take a different form for each of us. Perhaps it's a row of differently colored dress shirts (my job requires white shirts, so no dice for me there) or different slacks could be your cornerstone.Ties

Whether it's three pairs of trousers or a hundred three-piece suits in your new "rotation," all you have to do now is keep your matching pieces smart and interesting. For every core component, you should have at least two "outfits" you can make out of it. For each suit, you should have at least two ties and/or pocket square combos that match well with it. For each dress shirt, it should be easy to have two ties that you like with it. Not ties that you TOLERATE with it. Why should you look worse on a Tuesday than a Friday? When you look good, you feel good. We all know this to be true. 

Now you have no excuse to not look your best, even if you're the type of guy who wakes up twenty minutes before he's supposed to punch in. When you've got a routine, it's nearly impossible to not look sharp with little to no time invested.


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