Why Every Man Needs an Umbrella

Why Every Man Needs an Umbrella


It's 2018. those days of questioning whether a man should own an umbrella or not are over. We wanted to find out the root cause of this myth and debunk it. Prepare for a little history.

Heading to the mid 18th century, umbrellas were used originally by women. Everything changed when a gent by the name of Jonas Hanway came into the story.

Jonas Hanway decided he was going to make a statement. He decided to go against common belief and rock the hell out of an umbrella.  Let's not forget umbrellas during his time were made out of whalebone, silk, and weighed the same as an electric drill.

Now that's dedication. I think we could all take a little from Hanway--never shy away from making a statement.

1. To Keep Dry (Duh?)

You know exactly how it goes--jump out of your car and sprint into work as fast as you can. Realizing you now smell like rain, your hair is completely messed up, and worst of all you're just feeling nasty.

We're big prophets of the "look good, work good" mantra. The last thing you're focused on after getting rained on is finishing that spreadsheet or working on your reports.

2. Be a Prince Charming

Don't be confused by the heading. Yes, we're still talking about umbrellas. Picture this. You and your significant other are out to dinner. You're cracking jokes, connecting with one another, overall just having a blast. Then it happens, Mother Nature decides to interrupt with a thunderstorm. It's not a big deal though, right?

Wrong. You're leaving the restaurant, finally noticing how hard it's actually raining. Your significant other asks, "Do you have an umbrella?" 

Now, this could go one of two ways. The first route, you were smart enough to get one of our Pocket Umbrellas and now you're looked at as a life saver. The second route, you don't have an umbrella and now you and your date are soaked walking to the car.

Don't be that guy.

3. Chick Magnet

Don't believe me? Try walking on down the street on a rainy day with a Pocket Umbrella.  That girl who just forgot to grab hers off the counter will notice you with an umbrella.

You might just find yourself strolling on your way to that coffee bar down the street with a newfound friend.

4. It Just Makes Sense

Men are very practical people. We don't like to carry around too many things on the day to day. 

This Pocket Umbrella, however, changes that.  Being only 17cm in length it's a perfect gadget to keep in your car. Small enough to keep in your pocket. Stylish enough to use with confidence.


What do you guys think? Comment below and tag a friend who hates umbrellas and maybe someone who loves them.  As always, stay posted for upcoming blogs!





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